Monday, December 20, 2010

'Tis the season. Final entry for 2010

Hi All,

This will probably be my last entry this year, because well, we’ll have this wonderful 2½ -week break and lots and lots planned for it. I think it’ll be a fantastic break.

So... q(☆。☆)p

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays ... in advance

This bamboo "Christmas tree" is in front of Mishima Station, lit from the inside with Christmas lights though it gives the impression that it's lit by candles.

This week nothing extravagant happened (again saving for the holidays), We had dinner at a very western-style restaurant called “Newton’s”? to catch up with some Japanese friends and just for the heck of it.

Our multilevel Japanese class devoted a class to calligraphy. That was a lot of fun; I truly do love calligraphy, both the Roman alphabet and Chinese characters.

It looks important but he's just writing (お酒 osake) alcohol.

Our Mongolian friend Khaliun Khailka celebrated her 21st birthday this week and we celebrated at an Izakaya (Japanese style bar) –of course. Then we went to karaoke –of course. We met a lot of new people… and not so new people; two of my Spanish class students were there (>__<”) awkward lol. But a lot of fun nonetheless.

Even if I tried to explain this I am not sure I could.

We found an Anime Café called Aprecio near school. It has deals for students so it’s like a cheap lounge. It has a library of manga volumes, computers, billiards, darts and slot machines. As well as deals on unlimited soft drinks and ice cream. We went for the billiards. It’s great.

Everyone's unique billiards pose.

yup! that's mine lol hahaha
you know in my defense, I'm not terrible at billiards.

We met up with Yuriko, and went to Numazu (the next town over) to eat somewhere new and also to walk around. We ended up just going to karaoke (again). Sigh =\ lol why I must I conform to socializing butchering songs? When I sing maybe dogs cry somewhere.

This was soooo yummy! Mango syrup, this would be in my heaven.


Billy and I went bike riding and too a detour to new streets. Our little adventure paid off as we found some fishing grounds we had never seen before and a splendid scenery that included Mt. Fuji –of course.

Damien, Billy and I walked around again feeling adventurous and found some random house that got carried away with their Christmas decorations. lol

And finally!! Try number 2 at joining a sport activities club!!! The club is a more social? type of volleyball club, much more laidback than the previous one we tried. So they are definitely not a team (Thank the forces that be) and they have agreed to try to speak to us only in Japanese (break through). And I think it’s a wonderful group of people, we ate dinner with them after practice =). I met like all 12 club members at once so don’t bother asking me names.

Well that's all for now.

'Tis the season to be jolly. Enjoy (^__^) so until have the holidays are done,


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  1. YAY! you have more followers now!

    i love the first picture :) This bamboo "Christmas tree" its amazing! also the mango syrup thing, it looks delicious, i wonder if i can find it in nyc 0.o

    I hope you keep having fun, Happy holidays to you too.
    Keep taking great pictures!

    oh the calligraphy haha yours wasn't that bad. what does it say?