Monday, December 13, 2010

Line After Line

Hi All,

We are in December

(12月 jūnigatsu)


The first decade of the 21st century is coming to a close—scary (O__O)

Mt. Fuji is finally majestically fully covered in snow.

The semester is not over for us just yet. We will get about a 2-week break for the holidays and then have our finals in January. So good luck to all of you back home, as they say here: 頑張って! ganbatte (Try your best/Good luck).

Not much has happened because we are saving some fun (and money) to really go nuts during the holidays, especially since in late January we’ll be losing more than half our crew. The semester study abroad students will return to their perspective home institutions, Damien to France, Billy and Ka Lai to New York, Heather to New Jersey. We’ll also lose some Japanese friends studying abroad to the States… But! That’s not for a while longer.

We rented bikes again and visited Rakujuen Park. It’s quite nice. The park seems like it would be a good place to have Sakura Picnics in the spring. It offers a view of a river and a barely “autumn-like” scenery (-__-)

We went back to Tokyo for our dance lessons- Sigh. It’s gotten more difficult and I haven’t gotten any better at it, at all (T^T)… well 頑張ります ganbarimasu.

But after a hard lesson we walked around Tokyo again. Billy met up with two friends from SBU and Dale and I joined them with Mio who was in Tokyo also. We walked around Harajuku and Dale got some Japanese limited edition converses, or so claimed the sales person lol. We ate and walked to Shinjuku.

Not sure you can tell, but that's A LOT of people!



Billy bought the coolest bento box for just over $5! and it was so pretty.

Billy’s friends took us to a café, Bear Pong No. 8. Which if I’m not mistaken originated in Brooklyn. And the atmosphere and interior design of the café was modeled after it.

Heather and I joined the calligraphy club after we were granted permission to do so (as you may recall you need permission from the presidents to join clubs here, and it’s generally seen as a long commitment and thus they normally don’t allow study abroad/exchange students to join because it’s not a good investment for them).

Any way…

Calligraphy is great. It’s a small group of students, Heather and I make it a total of 5 people and they don’t speak English (yay!). It’s as difficult as (insert unpleasant word) but I like it a lot. We practice making a line (ichi), that’s ONE line for over an hour! And did it look nice and pretty in the end? –no! And may I mention that I am left-handed and kanji (Chinese characters used in Japanese) strokes and brush stroke orders are designed to look pretty when drawn by a right-handed person!! (>___<”)… I can’t say I’m terrible at it, but pretty bad, and crooked and uneven…

Granted, Heather isn't much better than I am ='P

Well that's all for this week I suppose.

Again, Good Luck with finals for those of you back home.


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