Friday, February 25, 2011

Tying a Break

Hi All,

So I have fallen behind a few weeks… it happens, you know lol.

I’ve been readjusting and dealing with preparations for graduation from abroad! That can become quite the tricky actually. Not to mention I started looking for a job --crossing fingers!!--

Any way,

The week after the guys left, there was a lot of over-compensating lol. We got together with our Japanese friends and went out and got together for no reason in particular.

We went out to lunch BBQ (焼き肉 yakiniki),

We had a movie night, a nabe night,

a just hanging out in general lol

It was nice that the void left wasn’t so scary after all and we can take advantage of having less exchange students around us to improve our Japanese.

Nothing exciting happened, but it was all in preparation for my trip to Fukuoka!

So until I tell you about that!


I got to help Yuriko get ready for her club graduates farewell and we got to play with make-up and do girly-things lol hahaha

Ate the Miami burger from the McDonald's Japan campaign Big American 2 in honor of Billy!

It contains: "The Miami Burger features a quarter-pound beef patty topped with lettuce, tortilla chips, shredded cheese and a moderately spicy tomato chili sauce"

...partly regrettable.

Went to the mall with the girls and for once, really "fell inlove" with shoes, that I didn't buy of course lol

Mio and I skyped with Damien and in honor of Mio being "too happy" we took a picture of the moment lol

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