Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Arrival, Settling and Jet-Lag

Hi All,

I don't know how to start this or amuse you enough to continue to read more. But here goes the introduction:

I arrived at Narita Airport, Japan Monday 20th Sept.

The flight was a little over 13 hours. The first 8 hours weren't horrific since I slept about 5 of them. I pulled an all-nighter the night before with the full intent of knocking out most of the flight and all I got was a 5-hour nap??

The first night I slept over at my friend's house(Yoshiko, Waseda U. exchange student to Stony Brook Fall09-Spring10). I got to meet her family which I was extremely honored and happy to do because she had gotten to meet my family during her stay in the states.

To add to how much of an amazing person and friend Yoshiko is,not only did she pick me up at Narita (and struggled with me as we carried a year's worth of nothing that somehow all weighed over 150lbs along Tokyo's subway); She delivered me right up to the Bullet train to Mishima, Shizuoka the next morning (again struggling with luggage and morning rush-hour). Do I love her? yes, yes very much so.

Arriving at Mishima...

Got picked up by a school representative from the station
. Apologized every time I breathed about the heavy luggage... and for being late (because of course I was late). Everything else was very standard of a new arrival.


The first night I was in Tokyo, Yoshiko took me out to dinner and introduced me to her friend Angela (intern from Germany to Nihon University,Tokyo campus). She is an amazing person, charismatic and speaks conversational English, knows Latin and speaks fluent German and Japanese.

A two-year on the way to dinner stopped dead in her tracks upon seeing me. She stared at me until I was out of her sight. After I walked past her I turned to check if she was still staring at me, and she waved good-bye. She stared out of curiosity and amazement of seeing some one who is so different from everyone else she is used to. She was incredibly adorable!

I got to meet other international/exchange students. We're very diverse and from all over the world, which I *love. There's Damien from France, Heather from NJ, Dale from Ohio, there's Moris? from Mexico, Ka Lai (SBU) but is originally from China, Billy (SBU) and a three students from Korean-- whom I will make greater efforts to befriend and learn their names since they are fluent in Korean and Japanese but not English.

Well until something semi-interesting happens.
See you later.


  1. Sounds like you're in for some fun times. :)

  2. Aww Keila I love all your pictures! And that train looks so cool, and you have a wolf doll ! I want one but it's $22 :-x

  3. Hey there! I plan on studying abroad at Nihon Uni and was wondering how the apartment/dorm is. So as it says, the rooms are single occupancy right? Does the bed come with linen already? Also in the picture i see a rice cooker. did you buy it or did the school provide it? Does the room also have pots and pans and utensils for cooking? Also, what are the rules like and who else lives around the dorms? Other foreign exchange students? Sorry for having so much questions >_< You are the only person that I found that has a blog on Nihon Uni mishima.

  4. Going there in September to study! I appreciate the insight your blog provides. Email me! We should talk.
    My name is Jason Contway, I can also be found on facebook.